Each year, thousands of young people across Oklahoma become parents before they earn a high school diploma. Many are unprepared for the challenges of parenting and supporting a family. Most haven’t finished growing up themselves. 

While Oklahoma’s teen birth rates and numbers have declined steadily over the past two decades, our teen birth rates remain among the highest in the nation. But in communities across Oklahoma, good things are happening to create a brighter future.

Healthy Teens OK! provides data, program resources and information about Oklahoma groups using proven approaches to reduce teen pregnancy. These groups and programs are dedicated to ensuring that young people have opportunities to succeed in their lives, careers, and education.

Teen pregnancy is a complex issue. Reducing it is a key strategy for:

• Creating healthy, capable, self-sufficient young people and families.
• Reducing poverty and expanding opportunities for all young people to succeed.
• Increasing school readiness, high school graduation rates and college attendance.
• Expanding a skilled workforce and the economic well-being of our communities.

There’s a role for everyone as a partner in prevention.

To access Oklahoma KIDS COUNT data on child and youth well-being, click here.