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For Youth

The teen years can be exciting and confusing. Young people tell us they want accurate information from trusted sources and guidance from caring adults. Here are some great resources developed with and for teens just like you.


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For Parents

If you're a parent of a teen, you know it's a very different world today. You have hopes and dreams for your children, as well as concerns. The good news: you have a lot more influence than you think. And, we're here to help.

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For Programs

When selecting teen pregnancy prevention programs and resources, which ones are best? Over the years, we have focused on those that link prevention with an asset-building approach to development—and on those that have been shown to really work. 

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Though high teen birth rates persist in Oklahoma, communities are leading the charge to change those numbers!

In 2014, Oklahoma had the second highest (worst) teen birth rate in the nation for both 15-19 year-olds and for older teens, aged 18-19. Only Arkansas had higher birth rates for those two age groups. The good news: Oklahoma’s teen birth ranking for younger teens (aged 15-17) improved between 2013 and 2014.

Strong, coordinated, community-wide teen pregnancy prevention initiatives in Oklahoma County and Tulsa County are addressing this issue by expanding evidence-based programs in schools, teen-friendly clinic services and opportunities for involvement among a wide array of community organizations. Combined, those two counties comprised over one-third (36%) of all teen births in the state in 2014. When the teen births in their adjacent counties are included, the two metro areas represented over half of all teen births.

“Oklahoma needs a serious ‘reality check’ regarding its persistently high teen birth rates and the resulting negative costs and consequences of too-early, unprepared teen child-bearing,” says Sharon Rodine, Youth Initiatives Director at the Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy. “Teen pregnancy is preventable when our state and communities invest in quality, effective educational programs and health services for all young people,” she stated. “Thankfully, our two metro areas have become the ‘twin engines’ that are providing the leadership that is propelling our state forward in addressing this issue.”

For downloadable copies of current Oklahoma teen birth data and other information, check the “Fast Facts” and “Resources” sections of this website.